Research & Publications

Dr. Kambiz Kalili is the author of over 62 research paper and publications to include: 

  • Enhanced Enamel Fluoride Absorption for Radiation 
  • Oncology Patients using Lowered pH Mouthrinse 
  • Biomechanics of a Clear Aligner with Soft Inner Layer 
  • Fluoride Absorption by Enamel from Toothpaste in Lowered pH Environment
  • Stress Generation During Torque Application to Implant Abutment Screws 
  • Fluoride Uptake by Enamel in a Lowered pH Salivary Environment 

  • Load Application Duration of Bilaminate Aligner Material ​​​
  • Laminated Orthodontic Removable aligner for Molar Uprighting 
  • Dissipation of Force Using Orthodontic Spring and Compressible Polymer BAR
  • Stress Dissipation of Orthodontic Aligner with Compressible Polymer Bar
  • Stress During Rotation with Conventional Orthodontics Using Springs

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